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"We are a simple blend of rock, punk, and heavy metal with an Old school sound"

The Thrill Killers
were formed in late 2010 by Flashburn members Sam Ilich (of Peace Corpes), John Marlatt and James Russell (Spiral Fix, The Channel Is, and Bag of Humans).
Damian Arletto (of Jane Likes Dick, COI, CAGE and Peace Corpes) and Scott Reedy (of Peace Corpes) joined up later, merging the overwhelming power of each respective band into one.

vocals - Sam Ilich aka Sammy Ill

lead guitar - James "Jimi the Fist" Russell
rhythm guitar - John Marlatt aka Mr. Evil
bass - Scott "the Bass Man" Reedy
drums - Damian Arletto

Each of he band members were asked about their music history.. the following is how they answered...

SAMMY, Chicago, IL/San Diego, CA

Sammy started jamming with Tony rodriguez in a basement in Chicago to when he was 12 years old. Inspired by bands like Black Sabbath and Metallica, he loved and took advantage of every chance to get on the microphone that he could .
At the age of 17 he joined his first metal band. The rest of the band members were veteran musicians in their late 20s and 30s. This was because Sam could belt out any song from Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Judas Priest, Slayer, Metallica to Black Sabbath, hit the notes and imitate any of the vocalists at a young age.
While playing with this band Sam was falsely arrested for murder. On the night of the murder he was jamming metal with his band on the south side of Chicago. Police reports claim that Sam was a thrill killer.. hence forth the name of Sam's new band ... The Thrill Killers.
In 1990, when Sam was released from jail, he jammed briefly with a metal band called Throck Brutal, a thrash metal blues rock band formed by the Cross Brothers in Southern California. Sam exited the band and met punk guitarist Brian Roper and formed the Peace Corpes in San Diego, Ca 1990.
Sam and the Peace Corpes performed all over southern California and the western United States with a brief tour across America called the Midwest Mugging Tour.
Sam and the Peace Corpes jammed for over 13 years from 1990 to 2003. They also released three albums, The Peace Corpse Dead at the Spirit which was recorded at the Spirit Club, San Diego, Ca.1993; then the Peace Corpse released the Hard Core album , 13 tracks, cd recorded at DML Studios 1995; then we released the Peace Corpse Demolition album 1999.
After taking a break to raise his children for a few years and rethink his life, Sam decided to join local metal band from Escondido, Ca, Flashburn. With Flashburn we released Flashburn Self Titled 2008 with a Midwest supporting tour in 09. After touring Flashburn broke up and Sam, John Marlatt and James Russell sat down and formed the Thrill Killers.

The Thrill Killers was formed to be a simple rock, punk and metal band with an old school sound.

JIMI, Baltimore, MD/Las Vegas, NV

I started playing music before I can remember .. Started on drums.. Always was mesmerized by the guitar.. Listening to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd at very early age is what made me want to play the guitar. And later Metallica of course and Steve Vai.. I love all kinds of music.. Started a hardcore band that would later morph into a rock band then into a melodic funk crazy rock band until I found 2 outlets for what's all going on in my head. lol

That's when I started the Bag of Humans and later on The Thrill Killers..

The Thrill Killers is a lot of fun for me.. It's not so much a serious band.. Serious about what we do but this band is about good ol punk rock metal in your face.. Drink or just have a good time.. And some jokes involved of course.. Our Zombies from outer space would make a great movie.. We own this story line .. ha ..

Final thoughts?? Fuck the system, people need to be free and stop acting like assholes and rock n roll!!!

We are here, we have always been here, and we ain't going nowhere.. The Thrill Killers are ready to destroy a club near you and we love and appreciate everyone who has and still supports us!

JOHN, Vista, CA

Hell no. There is nothing to say about Mr. Evil that mortals can comprehend. Well, perhaps if I employ misery and a sharp axe my thoughts can be recorded in a way that the weak and unworthy can comprehend and possibly benefit its meaning. I will begin shortly after I beat my slaves and ravage the women.

SCOTT, San Clemete, CA



"I'm Scott. I play bass."

DAMIAN, Oceanside, CA

“On the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.”
“Once God closed his eyes and rested, the earth’s crust fractured and through the fissure arose one with no name. This unspeakable one with no name brought with him a soul of darkness that would corrupt all who fell upon him. With his two mighty hands he, the one with no name, slayed a beast of cloven hoof and removed the hide and the flesh. He nourished himself on the charred flesh of the beast and began to fashion a dried taunt layer of skin from the hide. He then severed a tree from the ground and sawed in to pieces and hollowing each one out to a meticulous size. Then he, who hath no name, bestowed the taunt skin upon the hollowed pieces of wood. He constructed rhythmic rods that he forged from branches off the tree that has fruit with seed in it. And with these two rods he began to beat upon the skin covered hollowed out meticulously cut pieces of wood. The rhythmic beat he played stirred his soul and put upon his mind lawlessness and rebellion. And him that hath no name saw this was good.
When God saw what he, who hath no name had done, he sent a demon to put him to death. The demon crept up behind him with blade to disembowel him, he that hath no name mounted the demon from behind and had intercourse with the demons arse, causing the demon to die. From then on he, who hath no name was named. And that name was Deathfuck.”
I was born Damian Arletto on Saturday August 17th in Inglewood, CA. I have been playing drums for 20+ years and have toured the world opening for some of the world best metal and punk bands. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Dio, Body Count, & DRI to name a few. I have played with many bands but most notably: 1990-1996 The Original Conflict of Interest (C.O.I.) from San Diego. 1996-1998 CAGE, 2003-2006 Jane likes Dick, 2011 Peace Corpes.
Currently I’m playing with The Thrill Killers where I am one of the “1st four” founding members and under the lead on Sammy Ill we have taken this group to new heights, playing from coast to coast and expanding further every day. So next time you see The Thrill Killers buy a drink or two for the band.

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